Monday, January 16, 2012

Ugly Christmas Sweater Par-teee

The last 2 weekends ago, the hubs and I hosted an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and it turned out to be a blast!  We provided food, drink, and just play fun:)  We even had a White Elephant gift exchange.  It was a little after holiday vaca, but everyone was super busy around that time and it just worked out better to have our party at a later time!

Enjoying the company:)

Lucy sporting a pink sweater!  i couldn't find any sweater that was really ugly in the dog section!

Plenty of delicious yummy food to choose from:)

Our beautiful Christmas tree

The happy newly engaged couple!

I have my eyes closed and look like a dork, but this was the only pic of the husband, me, and the red solo cup!

The guy next to my husband is our friend and he put together his whole outfit!  He was the winner of the contest.

This was when we were getting ready for our White Elephant gift exchange...good times:)

This was part of the gift that I had given:)  It was some of my old braclets in a Zales box!

Cute little Santa Gift:)

He got what he always wanted:)

I gave these as gifts too!  There is y other hand bag that I made.

Having a beverage of choice:)

Not only did we do all of the things you saw in the pictures above, but we also played a couple different games and one of them was called Bladderdash.  We recieved it as a wedding gift and we never had the chance to play it.  It was loads of fun and we ended up playing it into the wee hours of the morning!  Fun was had by all:)

If you are going to plan a party then these would just be some suggestion to think about:

1.  Have your food all ready to go the morning of your party!  Most of the people who came to the party came quite a bit earlier, so I felt like I was running around trying to get everything set up.  Ask for help if you need.

2.  It helped me out ALOT to have everyone bring something to pass.  We provided sandwiches(turkey and dressing sandwiches..yum yum!), party potatoes, dips, and a mixed drink and asked others to bring salad, dessert, and etc.

3.  ALWAYS have some type of game to play, whether it is one you saw on the internet and made up and want to try or a game in a store that you can buy.

4.  Give a gift to the winner.  I found that more people dressed up in Ugly Sweaters this year versus last because there was a gift:)

5.  Last but not least, have a blast and enjoy each others company!

I know this is late, but I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas parties that you were able to attend or host!

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