Friday, January 20, 2012

Organization = Pure Bliss:)

Here in Iowa we were blessed with 6 inches of white, fluffy snow:)  You know what that means, a SNOW day!!!  So, I didn't have work today and I accomplished quite a bit such as: cleaning bathroom - check, pick up bedroom, living room and kitchen - check, check, and check, help hubby in basemnet - check, and organizing the coat closet.  I must say the coat closet was looking pretty scary and I hate when things are a complete disaster!

Warning, warning....when I say disaster, that's what I truly mean.  So, please excuse the mess!!!

Please excuse the mess...

Top part of the closet
 If any of you have ever watched Friends(it's my all time favorite TV series), Monica is such a neat freak, but she has one closet that is just her junk closet, well this is mine!  You can see that I pulled some of it out, but for the most part everything was just piled on top of one another.

I did a couple things to make it organized like: throw out the junk that we haven't used in a year, go through our gift bags and tissue paper, reuse the boxes on the top shelf for storage and put all of our dogs doggie clothes in the tote.

This box I used for gift wrap storage.  I just cut a hole in the side of it and wrapped it in wrapping paper and viola it's good as new:)

Cut a hole

All wrapped and ready to go!
It will be nice if I buy any more wrapping paper that I have I confined space just for them:)  Here is a picture of my closet now and how it looks!

The smaller boxes on the tote are for gloves and hats!  I might just add a something to hang the broom and the swiffer swipper.

Whenver I am given a gift in a gift bag then I like to keep it to use at a later time.  I might as well reuse what I already have, right?  In the back you can see a couple gift bags, one of them has the tissue paper and the other one has gift bags. I learned that I will not need to buy any gift bags or tissue paper for a LONG time because we are stocked up for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and everything in between:)

My advice to anyone who is going through their "stash" is if there is any empty, extra boxes to use them for storage.  That's what I did with mine and it worked out perfectly:)

Now I just need to keep this organized and how it is:)  Thanks for stopping by!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for your sweet note!!! Paint definitely works does organization! LOOKS GREAT!!!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment:)


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