Sunday, January 15, 2012

Adorable Little DIY Hand Bag!!!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend:)  It is already Sunday:o  Before I start with my project that I wanted to share with you all, I wanted to say a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful husband!!!!  It is his birthday today.

Happy Birthday Hunny:)

 We decided to do the birthday hurrah last night since his birthday is on a Sunday this year.   We celebrated his birthday at a swanky little restaurant that we have never been to before with a couple of our friends.  We had such great company, and good food!  Right now, as we speak he is downstairs working on the basement...I feel bad, but he does love to reno!  As long as he's happy, I guess that's all that matters, right?

Sometime ago, I had made a couple cute little hand bags and I just wanted to share with you all what they looked like, how they turned out, and some tips that I learned as I went along!

As I'm looking through my pictures I am now realizing that I don't have a picture of first purse completely finished:(  I do have a picture of my 2nd purse finished though and here it is....

My first purse that I made had some really neat material, but it was just too flimsy and it didn't have much structure to it at all:(  So, I decided to go with a thicker fabric and it turned out better!

First of all, I have to say I am addicted to Pinterest and I just can't control my pinning:P  Really I think I do have a problem....LOL!!!  I found the tut for this bag on a blog and put it on my craft ideas one Pinterest!  Since I haven't made really much of anything as far as sewing goes or just mainly beginner things, I thought the tut was kind of hard to understand:o  So, it took me a while to figure it out and that is another reason why I made another bag because the first one I had missed a step or something and it didn't turn out how it should have. 

The thing that I messed up on or rather didn't understand because of my lack of experience with sewing was when you sewed the two linings together.  It took me a while to figure out what to do and this is what I found out worked for me:

1.  Make sure you have a thicker material, unless you aren't concerned about the structure of the purse.

2.  Make sure your fabric for the lining is inside out when you sew the two pieces for the liner together.  Leave a little hole at the bottom of the lining that way you can pull the outside piece of fabric for your purse through that.    You can just leave a little whole about a hand's width open and then you can pull the purse right side out! You can see in the 1st picture of how I left a little whole in the bottom of the purse to pull through the outside fabric of the purse through.

Here's the hole at the bottom of the lining that I didn't sew and I just pulled out the fabric for the outside of the purse right through:)
This is the top of my purse after I sewed around the whole top of the purse:)
3.  Another thing to keep in mind when you are trying this is when you sew the handles on make sure they are facing down and sew it to the outside fabric first.  Then pull the liner over top of your handles and your fabric for your outside of your purse.
Here I sewed my handle for the purse directly to the outside of the purse.  Then I took the lining and sewed right over the handles.

If you took a look at the tut that I used to make my bag you can see that I just choose to use one handle instead of two, it was just easier for me that way.

Another picture of the finished product!

You could always add a flower or a decorative band to go around your purse to add a little pizazz:)  I hope that for you beginners out there that this may have helped you with sewing one of your first sewing projects!

Have a great night fellow bloggers:):):)

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  1. Happy birthday to your hubby! I found you on Tip Junkie! I would like to invite you to share this post with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays.

  2. Thanks Lindsi! Isn't Tip Junkie just the best?

  3. Glad you liked my bag and sorry you found the tutorial hard to follow! I'll try to do better with my next bag tutorial. I've had so many people make this bag it's hard to know how many but someday I would like to write a post of all the photos people have sent me to show what they made. I'll add yours to the list!

    1. It would be neat to do something like that! I think it was hard for me to follow because I'm just starting off with trying to sew and I need help with the smallest things.Thanks for stopping by:)


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