Friday, January 13, 2012

Some Basement Inspiration:)

Well, I have been keeping myself busy lately with finding some inspiring basement ideas!  I want to take some inspiration a little here and a little there, piece it altogether, to mold it into what we would need....  So, here are some different ideas/pictures that I have found from HGTV on Rate My Space and a couple other blogs!  I just have to say that I LOVE Rate My Space (HGTV) part of the website because it is ordinary people doing real reno's and special touches to their homes:)

 Here is one idea that I wanted to try for our stairway going to the basement:

This is tiny I know:(  Look at the paint job is very neat!
I would like to do this to our entryway down the stairs to our basement...I don't know how this would work though..hmmmm?!?!?  i like the idea of the neutral striped colors:)

Let me explain what we are planning on doing, we want to have a bar/ table area on one side

HGTV - Rate My Space

 What I really like about this bar is the display shelving for the alcohol and I love the modern feel to it!

Displaying photos will be key in our basement!  I need to incorporate our honeymoon and wedding pis:)
I'm not really for sure where this "photo wall" could go, but I need to find a space for it!

and on the other side to do a family room with display shelving.

This was found on The Yellow Capecod
 I wanted to have shelving on both sides of the TV to give it some extra visual appeal and extra storage/room for displaying pictures and decor:)  I like the look of this because of the size of the shelves and the cabinets below the shelving offers some hidden storage.  We wouldn't have a fireplace and instead of a fireplace I think we may put some more cabinets....  We haven't really decided for sure on that though.  The extra detail on this shelving display is to die for(or at least I think so!  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could put in place of the fireplace?

The hubby and I are debating on what we should do for the types of wood that we will have in the basement. He thinks we should go with oak, but I say white trim with dark wood accents for possibly the shelving display, vanity in the bathroom, and the bar area(such as cabinets, and bar itself).  Our upstairs of the house is 70'sque and I want a more modern and up-to-date look.

Which would you rather have: Oak or white trim with darker wood accents?

Well, this is all for this girl today:)  Hope you have a wonderful night:

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