Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fresh, Pretty, Potted Herbs!

It's been a loooonnggg while since I posted anything on my blog!  I was busy with getting things all wrapped up for the end of the school year and then I've been trying to organize things around the house.  On top of that, I've started my very first Master's class!!!  Go me:)  I'm taking this class as an online class, so it is accelerated!  It's about a month long, so on my free time I've been working on the class and trying to get my butt into shape and eat healthier.  I have to say I'm on a great start!  I just started dieting this week and a great friend of mine and I have just started working out together.  We are doing a combo of Zumba classes and weight lifting at the gym.  Needless, to say this past week, I have been pretty sore!  Like they say though, no pain, no gain, right!?!?!    My goal is to loose 30 pounds before I go back to school and so the weight loss journey begins!!!  Wish me luck:)

Since it's been absolutely gorgeous outside with very little rain, we have accomplished TONS of outside things that I wanted to share with you all!  One of my little projects that I wanted to share with you was my potted herbs that I planted and have been giving them a little TLC to get them to look like this!!

Don't you love those cute little owls?  They were a Walmart special and so were the pots:):)  If you ask how did you get these lovely herbs to grow this well for you.  Well, I'm getting to that and it's really just easy peasy!  All you need is this:

Wine corks for markers for herbs!

and lots of water!

Now, I just need to make lunch or supper using the herbs:)

The end product will give you some lush, fresh, and pretty potted herbs!!!  Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday:):)

Thanks for stopping by:)

Until next time!!!!!


  1. Really pretty project! Don't you feel like summer has arrived when you get some planters outside? Happy Sunday! Angie xo

    1. Thanks Angie:) Yes, it does make me that much happier!!!


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