Friday, June 29, 2012

Odds N' Ends

Happy Friday!!!!  I'm so pumped to see Magic Mike tonight!!  I really just can't wait:)  I will definitely post a review about this movie, if you should see it in the theaters or not!

I did a little happy dance today for 2 reasons: 1)  I finished my first Masters class today and I might say that I put ALOT of time and work into that class(I'm soo glad I'm finished for the summer!)  2)  I am down 8.6 lbs, so I can round up to 9 lbs!!!  Woohoo:):):)  I plan on loosing 1 more pound this week before we leave for vacation!  Then I will be down a total of 10 lbs!!!

I have to say I give a lot of credit to loosing this weight to eating things like this:
Eat this for lunch everyday!
 Eating the same salad for lunch is getting a little old, but I've been trying to add things to it like tomatoes, or onions to spruce it up a bit!
Breakfast burrito during camping:):)
When we went camping, it was super hard for me to keep my healthy eating habits up, but I didn't buy hardly anything that was extremely unhealthy.  We made this egg omelet burrito and added a little salsa to spice it up and give it some flavor-flav!  It was quite delish:)  I will definitely be making more of these when we go camping!

I have also lost this weight because of doing things like this:

Bike Riding:)
I just went biking with the hubby a couple of days ago in terribly hot and humid weather upwards of 100 degrees, but I survived.  The hubby was the one trying to stay caught up with me!  In my last post, I was talking about bikes I should buy and after my bike ride I think I have realized I should get a Trek bike.  These bikes are super light and super fast!!!  I love them:)  My friend was kind enough to let me borrow hers!
Using the eliptical
I have one of these in our basement and on rainy days this works out great!

Lift Weights
I thought he was kind cute...awww:):)  I lift weights 3 times a week, even though I may see these kinda guys at the gym....
Weight Lifting
Don't take this the wrong way or anything, it's great that older people workout, more power to them!  The only thing is if the older fellow is doing this and looking at you at the same time.  He's flexing his muscles, showing them off, and smiling at you!!!  No thank you!!!  That's a little too much for me!  It's a touch on the creepy side, if you ask me.

This point in my life, I am enjoying exercising and craving healthier foods such as fruits, and veggies!!  I have to say the things that have helped me out the most are:

1) Having a partner in crime when you exercise!  It's very motivating to have someone doing the same things that you are and encouraging you along the way:)

2) Having people around you who support your decision.  I'm not saying everyone that you know should be dieting or exercising , but  let them know what you're doing and that way they won't pressure you into doing things that isn't a good idea for your weight loss, such as going out to eat.

3)  Surround yourself with healthy foods.  Get rid of all of the "junk" food within your house.  Out of sight and you'll have less to worry about!

4)  Track your calories and exercise, no matter what!!  In April, I started my "diet" again and I wasn't keeping track of anything.  It got me no where!  Join an online weight loss site such as Calorie Count , Spark People, or you could even join Weight Watchers!

5) Make goals for yourself, short-term and long-term.  I'm not saying just how many pounds you want to loose within the next 6 months, be more specific and make a couple short term goals that you can make right away!  For example, only eat "x" amount of fat calories within the week or work out for "x" amount of minutes per week.

6)  This may sound  a little on the cheesy side, but make yourself a "contract" or at least write down what your goal is.  What I did was write a paragraph about why I'm fed up with my health choices right now and the reasons why I want to loose the weight to become more healthier.  I also wrote my long term goals down on the same sheet, along with incentives!  Once I loose 30 lbs, then the hubby will take me on a shopping spree for clothes:):)  I even made incentives for loosing 10 lbs and 20 lbs.  Read this paper every day!  I do and it keeps me motivated to keep on going, no matter how hard the journey is!

I'm definitely not a weight loss expert, these are just some of things that I have done to help me try and change my ways.  They seem to have helped out TONS!  I plan on continuing to use these and hopefully find some new tips to add to my list as I continue on with this weight loss journey!  My long-term goal is to loose a total of 50 lbs!  I'm almost 1/5 of the way there:):):)

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!!

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!!!


  1. Congrats on your 9 lbs! Haha on the old creepy guy! Just had one come up to me at the gym today! lol

    1. Thanks Cassidy:)! It's always so awkard when the creepers are creepy towards you. Just never know what to do....I guess all you can do is try to stay away!!!


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