Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Granny's 70th Hawawiian Birthday Party!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!   I'm going to make this a short, but sweet post.  I have Zumba soon, so I better get to going!!!  Well, I shared with you in the last post that my we celebrated my grandma's surprise 70th birthday on Sunday:)  We had a surprise birthday party for her.  I wanted to show you some of the decoration that my family put together for her:)  Enjoy!!!
The flamingo straws are the best, aren't they?

There was a lei for everyone!

Most of these decorations were from the Dollar Tree...score!!!!

Memory Table

Pictures of Grandma:):)
My sister and her fiancee, Jason!

The  Par-tee!!!
There was a lot of friends, family, and food!  The party was a success even though grandma was about 1 hour late:(  My grandma always arrives fashionably late....this was no exception..LOL!  Gotta love her though:)
The birthday girl, my sis, and me:)
Doesn't everything look so fun?  It came together really well and my grandma had a great time:)  Don't you just love her flamingo headband?  Well, have a great Tuesday!!!

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Until next time!!!!!
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  1. Ah! What a pretty party! You did a great job!Your grandma must have felt fo special! Angie xo

    1. My grandma was really excited about everything and she had a great time. Most of my family put the decorations together for my grandma. We really do love our grandma:):)

  2. SO cute!! looks like so much fun! I wanted to throw a luau themed party for my moms 60th this year!!

    1. Thanks Laurie:):) It was a lot of fun!! Check out the Dollar Tree for Luau decorations...there's quite a few really cute ones!!!

  3. So colorful - love this and one can use this theme for so many different types of parties as well!
    I'm sure your Gran loved it.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Linda, my grandma had a fabulous day and she felt very loved:) You could use this theme for many different types of parties, in fact I'm planning on having a luau at my house, using the decor my mom has! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  4. This Hawaiian birthday looks really beautiful. Seriously loved the floral arrangements. Will surely have this themed birthday party for my mom. Will book venue NYC for the day from online. Going to use your few ideas for the day. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post.


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