Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Watching Your Weight Wednesdays!!! (WYWW)

Happy Wednesday !!!  It's that time of the week again for WYWW:) Since starting my weight loss journey, I constantly looking for delicious and nutritious recipes and I look on different blogs, websites, and of course, I can't forget, Pinterest!  I wanted to share with you some of the recipes that I have either tried or want to try, anyways!  I try to look for recipes that are lower in fat or use different types of ingredients to make the meal healthier than what I would make before I started this weight loss journey.  Here are just a few of skinnier recipes that I came across:

I want to start with breakfast and what a better way than to start your morning off with a couple servings of fruit and some protein!  Why not try a delicious Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie!  That sounds DE-lish:)
Or what about some comfort food for breakfast..anyone, anyone???  How about a Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich!!
 Who ever said that you would have to give up Mexican food when you are trying to eat healthier...not this girl?!?!  Look at these delicious fish tacos you could prepare...yummy:P  Mexican food has to be my favorite kind of food and to make a taco a little healthier why not use fish instead of ground beef? Mmmmm mmmm:)
Mojito Grilled Fish Tacos with Strawberry Salsa

 Are you tired of eating the same ol' boring salad?  Well, why not spice it up and switch it up?!?!  Look at this mouth-watering salad:) Now, how could you say "No" to this?!?  Yummy in my tummy!!!
 Anything with "skinny" in it's name, I'm all over that:)  Like I said above, I love me some mexican food and look at this tasty enchilada lasagna....YUM!!!  If your in need of some much needed motivation then definitely check out Mama Laughlin's blog!!!
Are you in need of just a side dish, perhaps veggies?  Then check out this link below, there are a total of 91 side dish recipes below!!!  Whoa, I know, that's quite a few!  I'd say you would be set for a while:)
Side Dishes
I found this link and it's the Top 20 Healthy Recipes!  Bring them all on:):)

Who could really pass this up?!?!  It's a skinner cannoli...shut the front door!  Doesn't it look delightful!  I SO need to make this and soon:)
Lighter Citrus Ricotta Cannoli!

So there you have it...a couple different, nutritious and delicious recipes that you can try or should I say that I should try!!!

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!!!!
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