Sunday, September 23, 2012

Surprise! Surprise!!!

This weekend just flew by and now it's almost time for the beginning of the work week!  I have to tell you all what I did this weekend because it was such a great surprise:)  Well, I'm going to be turning the BIG 3-0 on Tuesday...yikes, and I was planning on celebrating my bday next weekend by going camping and checking out Octoberfest.  I had a very nice surprise from my best friends this weekend that I didn't see coming....I thought that we were going to visit one of my friends out of town to see her new apartment.  Well, I was wrong because my friends surprised me with snacks for lunch, treated me to a spa day, went shopping afterwards, followed by dinner, AND went out to some bars:)  Am I just the luckiest girl to have such great friends that will treat me to that:):):)  Thank you girls!!!  You serious rock:)  I didn't take many pictures and I'm kinda sad because of that:( but here are the couple that I did take....
Dinner at Las favorite!!!!

Stuffed Olive
 We tried some very tasty martinis at the Stuffed Olive:)
All 3 of us:)
 I know this isn't very classy, but we just had to do this so we could have a pic of all of us....we took bathroom pictures!   They are just classic, don't you think?!?
Being goofy!

Kinda blurry
Even though this one is kinda blurry, I still wanted to share with you all because of our facial expressions:P  So, I had a FABULOUS weekend, all thanks to these lovely ladies!!!!  Love you girls:):):)  I don't know what I would without you guys!  Did you all have a great and relaxing weekend and ready for the next week ahead?

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!!


  1. How fun of them to surprise you! Happy early birthday!

  2. Happy early Birthday lady! If it means anything you don't look 30;) great pictures! xo


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