Monday, September 24, 2012


In my last post, I talked about what I did over the weekend and part of the weekend was spent shopping.  I purchased quite a few things, this was needed since losing 31 lbs:)  For the past couple weeks, I have been wanting to buy some workout clothes that fit me and look pretty darn good on.  So, I got to buy exercise clothes that are a smaller size than what I wore when I first started working out.  I downsized:)  Here are my workout clothes that I bought, what do you think?
New Exercise Clothes!
I bought all of my clothes from Kohl's!  They do have some really cute, comfortable, and practical exercise clothes:)  My favorite thing that I bought is the pink and green shirt! For exercise clothes, I feel pretty confident in it. It looks cute AND it has a pocket in the back to fit my massive phone.  I just realized that it would fit my phone, right before I went for my run, score!  I need to go out and purchase another one, so I can have a couple more for running!  Both the top and the bottoms are made by FILA.  I heart FILA because their waist bands are super tight and that helps to keep your pants from falling down when you are either running or doing aerobic exercises:)  They weren't cheap, BUT they are so worth the price!  I paid $20 for the shirt and $27 for the pants, so worth the money!!!!

Other Purchases
 Love how these pants look and feel!  They are also FILA and were $27.  The shirt is from Trek and $20.  The pants even have reflectors, isn't that neat!

After running 2.43 miles:)
I'm super stoked because today I ran 2.43 miles without stopping to walk or anything AND my legs didn't hurt either:)  Wooohooo!!!! Go ME:)  I am on track for my training and will continue to kick some major butt!!!  I say bring on The Color Run because I'm ready for this thing! Since my sister went to school for graphic design, she designed us shirts for The Color Run.  I will have to share pics when I get my shirt:)  I can't wait to see them!!!!  Well, I hope you have a great day!!!!

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  1. Love both outfits! Can't wait to see the color run shirts, too!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss!! And congrats on running 2.43 miles without stopping, that's AWESOME!!! Keep up the great work!!

  3. And I must say you are looking pretty dang hot in your new workout clothes. I love FILA too. Have you ever shopped at Ross or TJ maxx for workout clothes? They have all those brand names for cheaper. Yea on your 2.43 miles!!


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