Friday, September 28, 2012

Fashion Friday!!!! Yee-haw:)

It is Friday!!!!  Woohoo!!!   I know that I told you a couple weeks ago that I had bought some clothes from the Mall of America and wanted to share it all with you!  Here is one outfit that I bought!!  It's a lil' country, y'all:):):)  I'm loving me some cowboy boots!  I think I can pull these off since I lost my weight and aren't these just the cutest cowboy boots you've seen?!?!?  I think so:):):)
My new outfit!
I bought almost everything from Maurices, except my cowgirl boots!  The pants are Hydralics and the shirt is a Maurices shirt:)  I found the cowgirl boots at DSW!  I think that was my fav store at Mall of America::):):)  Pants = $49 and the shirt = $29 Cowgirl boots =$59 
Cowgirl boots!
I have another outfit that I will wear with my cowgirl boots!  The shirt is in the dryer, but I love it and I tuck my jeans into the boots and it looks truly country...oh at least I think so:-/
A party in the back!
 That's why I love this shirt soo much!!! The lace detailing in the back.  You don't really see it until I turn around and then it's like BAM!!!
My favorite necklace from Kohl's!
So here is one outfit that I bought from Mall of America shopping spree!!!

Thanks for stopping by:):):):)

Until next time!!!!!


  1. Those boots are amazing! I think I need to run to DSW! :)

  2. I want to go to the Mall of America. Your outfit looks great!

  3. Oh I totally love your whole outfit!! K the back of your top is sooo cute! Those boots are pretty fab too. Lookin good lady!


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