Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Much Planning Ahead!

I can't believe that it's the beginning of September!  That means it's almost time for my birthday and then after that, it's time for HALLOWEEN!!Halloween is seriously my favorite holiday!  I never usually liked Halloween until I started having Halloween parties and then it became my favorite holiday(Christmas comes in close 2nd!)  This post may seem a little on the extreme end for some of you and that's just because that's how far I take Halloween every year!  I am a Halloween addict and at least I can admit it:)  When it comes to Halloween, I get down to some serious business!

I'm one of those people who like Halloween because of how creative you can get with it!  Most of our decor is very dark and full of gore, but I think that's what Halloween is all about.

Believe me, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, ghoulish invites, and creepy decor have been bouncing around in my head the past couple weeks!  I can't stop thinking about planning for our Halloween party:)

The Halloween invites have been one of my favorite things to put together and DIY for Halloween!  Last year, I did these and this year I'm thinking about doing something similar to this:
Last Year's Invite
Wouldn't these be neat?

Another Idea
Then the hubby and I were talking about turning our garage into a "ZombieLand" or so we call it.  We don't have a whole lot of money for decorations for the garage considering that we have bought so many decorations for the inside of our house.  I thought I could go to Party City and buy something like this:

Then I could make a zombie out of Eric's old clothes and buy a zombie head, hands, and feet! I thought that would be a pretty cheap and easy decoration/prop!

Zombie feet and hands
To go along with the theme of Zombies then I could make things that Zombies would like to eat.  Like edible eyeballs!

Eerie Eyeballs
I have already figured out what I want to be for Halloween, usually I pick something dark and kinda scary, but this year it's really just kinda silly!  These were my old Halloween outfits:
80's Punk Rocker ( not soo scary)

Twisted Goldilocks

Rag Doll
I also have picked out what Lucy, our doggie, will be dressing up in for Halloween.  Here are some of the things that I dressed her up in for the past Halloween years:

Banana Split - She was this last year

Sweat Pea
I am now just realizing that I didn't get any good pictures of Lucy in her outfits!  I know I am a crazy person for dressing up my dog, but she wanted to join in on the fun!

If you are a Halloween fanatic like I am you should definitely check out these websites because they are full of awesome and creepy ideas!!!

Divine Dinner Party -  This site will give you lots of creepy recipes for Halloween and some fun games to play!
Halloween Forum   -  This site you will find lots of neat ideas for themes, costumes, food, and ust decorations.
126 Halloween Websites - All of these sites will be packed with all sorts of stuff dealing with Halloween!
Oriental Trading -  Go to this for some cheap and fun props, candy, or prizes for your next Halloween party!!!

Halloween is on my mind, so you get ready to read some upcoming posts on Halloween:)  I hope some of those websites help you out if you are planning an adult Halloween party!

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!!

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  1. SO FUNNY!!! We are having a Halloween party this year and I'm really excited. Never had one before!


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