Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Little Late: Happy Holidays:):):)

I'm just checking in with everyone to wish them a Happy Holidays, even though they are all over with!  I hope you all had a fabulous holidays filled with lots of time spent with family and friends!  Just in case you have been wondering what I have been up to all of this time, here it goes!  We have been doing A LOT of traveling to see all our family, especially since the hubby's side and my side of our families are on opposite sides on Iowa!

The hubby, AND our puppy dog, Lucy, opened up their presents the day before Christmas Eve!
Lucy sporting her NEW festive collar:):):)
You can hear her where ever she goes off to:)
3-D glasses for the hubby!!!

Lucy was ready to check them out!!!

Santa was good to Lucy!
Lucy is pretty spoiled, since we don't have kids yet, this is where that money goes to!!!  She got both of the stuffed doggie toys, a blue squeaky toy, AND treats!!!  She's one lucky puppy doggie:)
Lucy loving her toy!
Then we went to my parents for Christmas on Christmas Eve to Christmas Day!
Eric and I Christmas Morning!
My little brother, Bubba, ready to open presents:)
Bubba and soon-to-be brother-in-law, Jason playing with their new Christmas gifts:)
Lucy even dressed up for Christmas:)

Family Pic!!!
Bubba just graduated from UNI!  I'm soo proud of him:)
The Fam:)
Then off to Eric's parents house!  Lucy was gifted doggie ice cream!!! Yes, you read that right:)  It's doggie ice cream from the Schwann's and you can tell that she loved it!

My little godchild, Brooke!!
Eric and I spent lots of time with our cute little niece, Brooke!!  We read books, played with toys, and watched her rip open her presents!!!  She is such a little peanut:)
Grandma reading her a story!
My favorite pic:)
She loved Uncle Eric's slippers and was trying to walk around in them even though they were 10 sizes to big:)

That about sums up what I did for Christmas festivities!!!  I will have to share with you all, all of the goodies I made for the holidays and also the progress that is being made in the basement!!!

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!


  1. I was thinking about you the other day! Looks like you had a great Christmas.. Lucys dress is adorable! :)

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! And love Lucy's dress, she looks so fancy!!!


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