Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tropical Paradise!

As I posted yesterday, I went on a trip with the hubby!  The hubby told me that, once I lost 40 lbs that he was going to take me on a trip....so we went to Florida:)  Fort Meyers beach, Florida and it was well deserved and needed!!!  I loved every bit of it.  It was very relaxing, and fun!  We actually got a pretty good deal through Allegiant and the resort was very nice!  I think it would be a great spot for families because it's in a quite neighborhood and it seems to be very safe.  We went jet skiing with dolphins and even got the jet skis up to 55 mph...which was exhilarating:)
Cruising in our car!

View from our room!

Our resort and the jet skis we went on!
Poor little guy had a sinker stuck to him:(

We saw a lot of older guys in Speedos like the one below!

We went to Key Largo and the Everglades!
Yummy chocolates from here!

Don't they look delish and just perfect!?!?!?

Gorgeous blue water in Key Largo!

On our glass bottom boat tour!

~Glass bottom boat tour~

Alligator Farm:)
We even tried gator bites...they were alright!  I'm more of a texture person  The taste was pretty good, it tasted like chicken, but the texture was very chewy and grisely...yuck!!!

Sitting beach front waiting for gator bites!

Gator bites!!!

We lounged on the beach...

We watched amazing sunsets:)

Being a little goofy!
 A fantastic couple ended up taking our picture right before the sun was going to set and they turned out really amazing don't you think?!?!?
Love this pic!

Hubby and I:)

Overall, it was a fantastic trip with the hubs!  I can't wait to go somewhere tropical again:)  I'm starting to plan already...not really, but kinda:-p  I loved the warmer weather and beautiful scenery:)

I do have to say though it didn't feel quite like it was almost Christmas when we were there!  I think that's one of the reason why I like living in Iowa...snow during the winter and the holidays:)  I always say if we're going to have cold weather then bring on the snow!!!!

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  1. How FUN! Love little trips like that! We went on our honeymoon to Key West and went jet skiing there. So fun! Congrats on the weight loss!

  2. Oh my gosh this looks amazing. I so need to take a trip like this before baby #2 comes:) I've always wanted to go to Key West! The sunset photos are gorgeous, you look amazing lady!

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