Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 25: Running Frees Your Mind!

There's no doubt about it, they don't say you get a "Runner's High" for nothing!  Running is one of my favorite exercises because it gives me the feeling like I can do just about anything!  That's probably one of the reasons why I love it so much:)  There are so many benefits from running such as: reducing the chances of stroke and breast cancer, helps with preventing bone and muscle loss, helps with general health, gives you confidence, releives stress, "Runner's High", helps to train your mind, and improves coordination!  Running offers many benefits, but you need to start off on the right foot and learn what is the best way to train yourself to acheive success!

Are you new to running and just want to find out the best tips to keep in mind?  Then here is the article for you!  It gives you all sorts of tips to help when you are starting:)
Beginning Running Tips
 Have you been running for a little while and want some new and more advanced tips then check out this next article!  You will be glad that you did:)
25 Rules to Running!
 Have you been wanting to know what different type of races are out there and what they have to offer then check out this site!  It has some pretty fun and unique runs:) There are ones that I'm adding to my bucketlist!!!

Looking for new races?

Haven't gotten your breathing technique down yet then check this out:)  It's very informational!  I have been trying this my past couple runs!
How to Breathe When Running

Are you trying to lose weight and want to know the benefits from running and how it will affect your weight loss?  Then read this one!
Wanting to lose weight by running
 I never knew you could lace your running shoes according to how your foot shaped and it will even help your running more!  I will need to try this sometime:)
Lacing Your Running Shoes!

If you were debating about running then I hope this info has helped you make your decision:)  Good luck and have fun!!!!

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  1. I've come to terms with fact that I can't run. I just get out of breath too fast. So I stick to jogging which is just as relaxing to me. However since I've been preggo minor workouts put me over the edge so I've been sticking to yoga!


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