Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Just Kicking It:)

Did you guess what type of class I'm not taking?!?!  The hint I gave you was a pretty big one;)

Well, if you guessed kickboxing then you are correct!!! Sorry, I don't have any prizes or anything like that for you:(  You can just have the satisfaction of being correct!!!

This class not only has kickboxing, but weight training as well.  It's a local class called BodyFit.  It's definitely not like Crossfit.  I wish someday I could do that!!  When I first started this class, I seriously felt like a fish out of water, I kid you not!!  The instructors were/are awesome and always tried to help me as much as they could, but even with their help, I felt like a fool!!!  I didn't give up though!  I pushed through and I kept on going!

These classes were WAY different than what I was used to!  I was used to running, taking Zumba, using the stair master, and elipitical.  These workouts consisted of different hit and kick combos on the bag, along with mitting up with a partner, from anything to burpees, jump squats, weighted walking lunges and so on!  I would stand in the class the instructor would be like:  "This is your hit combo 1, 2, 5, 6"  (she would show us) and then she would give us 30 seconds to hit the combo on our bags.  I just stood at my bag and watched everyone else.  I had NO clue what 1,2, 5,6 meant.  So, I just punched whatever, just as long as I was moving.  The weight lifting part of class was even worse for me.  I know that this is terrible and I'm ashamed to admit this, but I didn't even know what a bicep curl or hammer curl looked like!!  For the first month, (I think) the instructor repeated the directions about 4 times just for me, since I looked like a fool and a deer in headlights.

The first couple days more like the first week or two, I woke up and seriously had to have my husband pull me out of bed!  My WHOLE body was sore every where!!!

 I could barely push a chair in at school because that's how sore I was.  I pushed through it and it only made me stronger!  Always remember soreness from a workout is much better than back soreness or neck soreness from not exercising, as I had this problem before I started making different lifestyle choices.

 Now, I am SO obessessed with kickboxing and my BodyFit class.  I NEVER miss a class because I love the way that the class makes me feel and look.  I get excited about coming to class because it's just that awesome of a class:)  The other thing I found out is the community of an exercise class is great.  You can meet some pretty nice peeps, who you have a lot of things in common with, like fitness! 

I was pushed out of my comfort zone, because of that, I have TONS more confidence in myself and what I can do:):)

Not only have I gained confidence, but I have also gained so much more muscle than what I had before.  I always said before that I want to get definition or tone up, but what that really means is more muscle. Muscle = Awesomeness = Confidence:):):)  (Not to mention, that I could always kick some major butt since learning some new moves...LOL!!!)

Before I was cardio Queen!!  I went to the gym did the elliptical, stair master,  ran, and then added in a little weights at the end.  I found out that weights are key to weight loss, burning those unwanted calories, and loosing inches!!!  In my college years, I was about 10 lbs lighter than what I am now, and my stomach is smaller now than what it was then.  I know it's because of weights!  If you haven't tried some free weights, you really should.  You will be surprised what they can do for you:):) PS: If you worried about "bulking" up too much and looking manly, that won't happen unless you train extensively OR take supplements.

Thanks for stopping by:):)

Until next time!!!

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