Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Just Kicking It:)

Did you guess what type of class I'm not taking?!?!  The hint I gave you was a pretty big one;)

Well, if you guessed kickboxing then you are correct!!! Sorry, I don't have any prizes or anything like that for you:(  You can just have the satisfaction of being correct!!!

This class not only has kickboxing, but weight training as well.  It's a local class called BodyFit.  It's definitely not like Crossfit.  I wish someday I could do that!!  When I first started this class, I seriously felt like a fish out of water, I kid you not!!  The instructors were/are awesome and always tried to help me as much as they could, but even with their help, I felt like a fool!!!  I didn't give up though!  I pushed through and I kept on going!

These classes were WAY different than what I was used to!  I was used to running, taking Zumba, using the stair master, and elipitical.  These workouts consisted of different hit and kick combos on the bag, along with mitting up with a partner, from anything to burpees, jump squats, weighted walking lunges and so on!  I would stand in the class the instructor would be like:  "This is your hit combo 1, 2, 5, 6"  (she would show us) and then she would give us 30 seconds to hit the combo on our bags.  I just stood at my bag and watched everyone else.  I had NO clue what 1,2, 5,6 meant.  So, I just punched whatever, just as long as I was moving.  The weight lifting part of class was even worse for me.  I know that this is terrible and I'm ashamed to admit this, but I didn't even know what a bicep curl or hammer curl looked like!!  For the first month, (I think) the instructor repeated the directions about 4 times just for me, since I looked like a fool and a deer in headlights.

The first couple days more like the first week or two, I woke up and seriously had to have my husband pull me out of bed!  My WHOLE body was sore every where!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Weight Loss Update!!!!

Like I said yesterday, I took so time off to do me and get myself in check, just to make sure that  I continue living a healthy life.  I'm happy to report that I have kept on a trucking, as far as living a healthy lifestyle.  I'm super proud that I look at this as a lifestyle change and not just a diet.  This is the way I will live the rest of my life.  I'm still learning as I go on this fairly new path and I'm tweaking it as I go along!  I've had my ups and downs since the last time I checked in with everyone.
That's my new mantra!  Don't give up!  I've learned, if you fall, once, twice, or even three times, just get up, dust your self off, and hop right back on the healthy train. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

I'm Baaackkk!!!

Hey Everyone!!!  It's been soo long since I have logged into Blogger and I'm happy to be back.  I have missed writing and sharing with everyone.  Life just kind of took over and I had to focus on myself, family, and friends, so that's why I haven't been on here in forever!  I have officially finished yet another school year.  This is my 7th and very successful school year down:)  It's hard to believe that I have that many years of teaching under my belt already!

There has been lots that has gone on since I wrote my last post, but the most recent and exciting thing that just happened is that I changed my hairs again!  I was a little bit scared to try this new do because it's so much different than what I always go with, but they say change is always good:)  Anyways,  I usually stick with blonde or dirty blonde for hair color and this time around, I chose red!!  I didn't really expect it to be this shade of red, but it kind of just grew on me.  I had a couple peeps ask me if it was my true hair color, so it must kinda just go.  Here's a couple pics of my new do:)

New Outfit!  Do you like?!?

I can be a poser, at times.
I have so many other things to tell you all about!  So you will all need to stop back sometime soon to see the updates!  I know I can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs and see what I missed out on:):):)

Thanks for stopping by:):):)

Until next time!!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Do!

Yes, I'm going to get my hair all did up today!  I haven't gotten my hair cut in what seems like AGES!  It's definitely been longer than what I should have gone without a cut, that's for sure!  I'm trying to grow my hair out, so eventually it will be long enough to go ombre!  It's kinda a bold move for me, since I never do anything like that.  I just hope by the time I grow my hair out that ombre won't be in style anymore and then my hair will not look the best!  Oh...well, we'll see! That's all I can do at this point:)

Here are some inspiration for my dream ombre hair:





So, this time around, I'm just getting it cut and no color for this girly because my hair is soo damaged!  I need it to get healthy before I color or highlight it again.

Here are some hair cuts that I was thinking of...I guess the hairstylist would need to piece bits and pieces from each of the hairstyles into one!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dreaming of Redecorating!

Well, the hubby has made great progress on our basement with the help of his dad and mine:)  Mainly, it's been all him though!  I'm VERY lucky to have a hubby that does such an awesome job with remodeling!  It's not quite finished yet, BUT it's getting there!  I hope that it will be finished at least by June.  By "it", I mean the family room and bar room area(excluding the bar back splash.) 

Since, we are getting closer and closer as time goes by, I have been pinning inspiration rooms like crazy!  Truly, if you follow me on Pinterest then you know already!  I know I want something bright in our basement, especially the family room because there is NO natural light.  That really bums me out, but you have to work with what you have, right?!?!?

I want to carry the teal and grey color scheme in the family room, with maybe splashes of pink and/or yellow.  Haven't decided yet!  Here are some of the inspirations that I would like our family room to look like:
I love the wall color and how the lines of the chairs are so clean!
LOVE the mix of colors in this room!  It's so bright and airy looking.  I just don't know what the hubby would think  of this one!
 Love the color combo AND the light fixture!  The light fixture give the room extra texture that I heart:)
 I must really like this room since I pinned it twice!
This one has to be one of my favs!  I really like how the walls are little more subtle and then there are sprinkles of pink, teal, and I could see how grey could be incorporated!


This pic is a great inspiration!  TOO many choices!
 Here's a little yellow, grey, and teal!

The reason why I pinned this one is I really like the feel that the end table gives in this room!  It really makes it look more classy and fancy:)


LOVE this ottoman!!!  I love the color and the shape!  If only I could find something like this where I live!!

So, as you can tell, I do have somewhat of a theme.  Now, just to be able to narrow it down!  I also need to be thinking of colors for our living room.  When the basement is finished we will paint our living room and get new furniture for it also.  It will just be easier that way.  We will be able to get it finished all at once:)

Is there anyone else out who is head-over-heels for teal this season?!?!?
I sure am and it's not only for decor!  I have bought some adorable mint heels, teal dress, and a shirt that has mint in it!  I just can't get enough:)

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!

Thanks for stopping by:):):):)

Until next time!!!!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Skinny BBQ Chicken Pizza!!!

Hey there Strangers!  It's been, yet again, forever since I've posted anything.  My main focus has been on exercise and eating healthy, plus planning for for my sis's bridal shower, and my friends bridal shower!  So, I've been really busy and trying to stay focused on my goals:)  I hope everyone has had a great month!

This month has been great for me!  I had my sister's bridesmaids and my mom over to my house to work on the bridal. We did ALOT for it and I still have some other things to put together!  I don't want to post anything on here, until it's over with because I'm afraid my sis will see:-o  I want to keep everything a surprise from her:-)

On Wednesday, the hubby and I tried something new and it was a skinny BBQ "mini" pizza!  Let me tell you there were VERY delicious:):)  I just have to share the recipe with you all!
Yumminess Squared!!!

You all know that I'm all about quick and easy.  This recipe is right down that alley!

- Soft shell tacos(the biggest ones, burrito sized)
 - 1/2 of a can of canned chicken
- Baby Ray's BBQ sauce( or another BBQ sauce of your choice)
- Low mositure/ part skim Mozzierella shredded cheese
- Onions

The directions are really pretty simple!

First, grab a pizza pan and spray it with Pam.  Next, place your soft shell taco on the pan and squirt some BBQ sauce on.  Then, sprinkle on some chicken, onion, and top with cheese!  Voila, finished!  It sure is yummy!!!  The hubby and I also made turkey pepperoni pizza with onions, pizza sauce(of course), and cheese!  That one was just as easy:)

Well, I hope all of you have an amazing Friday and enjoy your weekend!!!  I know I will be:)  It's suppose to be warming up to the 40's here and hopefully melt some of our 2' piles of snow!

Thanks for stopping by:):):):)

Until next time!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Outfit Love!

Lately, I have been loving trying on clothes!  I'm starting to get my confidence back or I guess I should say, I have my confidence back:)  I think that I look pretty good!  I have worked really hard to get to where I am now!  Why not show off my hard work?

Here are some different outfits that I tried on, thought they looked pretty cute, but didn't buy them:(

What do you guys think?

My Fav Outfit!!!